Maryam Zaringhalam is a DC-based biologist, science writer, and 2017 AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow. She completed her Ph.D. at Rockefeller University in 2017, studying RNA biology {with computers} in Nina Papavasiliou’s Laboratory of Lymphocyte Biology. During grad school, Maryam became adamant about being a public-facing scientist. She founded ArtLab: a blog and an event series dedicated to exploring science through the lens of art, thereby uniting, or reuniting, two of her most favorite things. She co-founded Science Soapbox: a podcast at the intersection of science, policy, and advocacy. She serves on the leadership of 500 Women Scientists — a grassroots science advocacy organization run by women, for women in STEM. Most recently, she joined The Story Collider team as a producer, bringing true, personal stories about science to live audiences in the D.C. area.

When she is not practicing science or advocacy, Maryam can be found designing the web, a skill she picked up and has been honing since the 7th grade, when she designed her first website: For Horse Lovers Only.

Learn more about Maryam by contacting her here.